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Grace Mahoney is an experimental artist. She works with wire, fabric, beads, buttons and found objects to create art inspired by nature and the people in her life. She specializes in works that reflect the person for whom she is creating.

Commissioned works are her favourite. Motivated to create something that truly reflects another always ignites her passion as an artist. She has created jugging balls for her son’s circus arts group, fingerless and thumbless mitts for her texting daughter, beer cap Christmas ornaments for party houses, quilts and fabric collages to reflect a home’s values, and wire sculptures for gardens to reflect the lives lived within them.

She is a knitting ninja, crochet queen, heartfelt felter, wire wizard, crazy quilter, busy bead and buttoner and is willing to try all art forms to expand her creativity.

Grace values fun, joy and being true to herself and her beliefs. Art is the means she has found to tap into and express her values. When not in her studio, she offers life coaching using the arts, teaches workshops in wire sculpture and expressive arts, and provides stealth gardening for landscapes in need.