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Remember how much fun you had doing crafts with your friends? Those days are not over. Have a group of friends who like to be creative and encourage each other? Take some time to release stress and build communication. Come play with me!

For $30 a person (minimum 6 people) your group will be faciliated by Grace, an Artist and Expressive Arts Coach, in her garden, workshop or a location of your choice. The fun is in the creating and letting go of the responsibilities and stresses of "getting it right". For three hours you will create a work of art that will inspire you.

Workshops are custom-designed for each group. Grace will ask some questions ahead of time about the nature of the group and will then design a workshop that is relevant and fun. Workshops begin with some games to loosen everyone up before the art making.

Previous workshops attendees have sculpted wire trees, designed mosacics, built dolls, created mandalas, and designed beaded memory strings. Grace is always experimenting with ways to connect the art with the heart.

It's all fun and games and no one loses an eye!

For more craftshop information and musings from Living in Colour visit Grace's blog here.